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Fast Defrosting Plate

Fast Defrosting Plate

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Fast Defrosting Plate is a premium cutting board for defrosting Our thawing board for frozen meat tray is made of aluminum, which conducts heat well, and its non-stick coating makes it simple to clean and easier to remove food from the surface. The defrosting process is sped up by the thaw master defrosting tray. You may defrost a variety of foods, including chicken breasts, bacon, seafood, burger patties, veggies, and huge portions of meat. Our quick-thaw defrosting tray may be hung for even more convenience, and it slides into a small space with ease for storage and transportation when carrying outdoor kitchen items. 

Material: Aluminum
Size: 11.6"L x 8.2"W x 0.08"H 
Weight: 13.7oz
Style: Modern Simple 
Color: Black 

Package Content: 1 Fast Defrosting Thaw Plate

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