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Portable Electric Coffee Grinder

Portable Electric Coffee Grinder

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The Portable Electric Coffee Grinder adopts ceramic cone-shaped burrs, which are in close contact with the coffee beans during the grinding process, and the grinding is more even. The ceramic burr produces less heat while grinding, the natural flavor and aroma of the coffee can be preserved as much as possible. This Portable Electric Coffee Grinder machine can be disassembled as a whole, making cleaning more convenient. The provided brush can easily remove any residual coffee grounds or use water to clean the clear tank and grinding chamber. ABS is a safe and wholesome material. Note: Water washing the motor is not permitted. 

Size: 3"L x 3 " W x 7.3" H inches
Weight: 1.06 pounds 
Color: Black 
Material: ABS Plastic, Copper Motor, & Stainless Steel
Style: Modern 

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